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Designed to revolutionise the packaging industry.

In the forests of Entlebuch, where nature has inspired people for centuries, the idea was born to develop a consistently sustainable, CO2-neutral packaging made of wood. One that has all the advantages of existing packaging solutions, but none of their disadvantages.
In collaboration with ETH Zurich, the idea took root and set a process in motion, the result of which you can see here: EcoPack, the world's first climate-neutral wooden packaging. 

  • sustainable 
  • CO2-neutral
  • recyclable
  • modulable interior
  • tool-free assembly

EcoPack not only protects your products, but also the environment. When will you choose to pack climate neutrally with EcoPack?


EcoPack makes the seemingly impossible possible for companies.

The goals of companies regarding sustainability are very high. With the help of sustainability strategies, global industry is doing everything it can to meet the ecological challenges of today. This is precisely where EcoPack can make a decisive contribution.

If conventional packaging systems within the value chains are replaced by EcoPack, your company's ecological footprint shrinks all by itself - and this without having to change any processes or structures. This efficient way of optimisation brings you closer to achieving your climate goals by leaps and bounds. 

Whether  you want to halve greenhouse gas emissions or even aim for a "green zero": EcoPack will support your ecological transformation in a simple way. EcoPack also sets new standards in terms of ecological transparency. Thanks to comprehensive tracing of the carefully selected raw materials, the clean origin of EcoPack is 100% traceable. All information on the raw materials and solar energy sources used is clearly documented and displayed, as is customary for a cradle to gate principle. EcoPack thus gives you unprecedented visibility in achieving your sustainability goals and achievements. You can make this positive impact visible by placing your logo together with the coveted "First Climate" quality seal on EcoPack products and broadcast it to the world. Because a better solution deserves better visibility.

When will you choose to leave the competition behind by moving into the fast lane to reach your climate goals?


The packaging was developed in collaboration with:


What experts say about EcoPack:

"Any packaging should, of course, first and foremost fulfil its purpose, which means that it should protect the contents so that they can be transported safely to their destination. But then packaging should also be as environmentally friendly as possible, i.e. either recyclable or reusable. Of course, beautiful and sophisticated packaging should also give pleasure. These points are all represented here."

– Christoph Mäder, President of Economiesuisse

"The fact that Kistag Dekopack AG has taken on the topic of climate neutrality of its packaging in an exemplary and innovative way is an important step in the right direction. We are extremely pleased that Kistag Dekopack AG will be presenting its latest innovation for the wood packaging market live for the first time at EMPACK 2022 in Bern and are convinced that this product will arouse the interest of many trade visitors."

– Stefan Vögele, Exhibition Manager Empack 2022


Who is behind this innovation?

Those who take up the banner of "innovative wood" are bursting with ideas. Since 1939, KISTAG has been putting new ideas into practice as an ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified specialist for intelligent wood packaging solutions. The development of EcoPack, the world's first climate-neutral packaging, was therefore only a matter of time.

ETH Zurich’s enthusiasm for the idea speaks volumes about EcoPack’s potential.

Sustainability is not an innovation for KISTAG, but a matter of staying the course. This starts with the processing of Swiss wood and does not end with use of waste wood for district heating.



EcoPack certifications

ISO certificates   Swiss wood   First Climate




Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I find out more about EcoPack?

  • Live at Empack 2022 in Bern: We will celebrate the premiere of the world's first climate- right at our booth (first come, first serve). You can order tickets for the packaging industry's leading trade event here.
  • By mail or phone: Ask our team your questions by mail or phone and/or make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. 

When can I order EcoPack and where?
You can pre-order EcoPack as of now here, at our Competence Center in Schüpfheim or on March 30 and 31, 2022 at Empack in Bern (Hall 3, Booth H01.

When will EcoPack be available?
EcoPack will be available immediately after Empack.

What is the average delivery time after receipt of order?
Currently, EcoPack is ready for your products within one week after your order is received.

Who was involved in the development of EcoPack?
KISTAG's experienced packaging specialists developed EcoPack in collaboration with ETH Zurich and First Climate (Switzerland) AG.

How is it ensured that EcoPack is climate-neutral?
EcoPack meets the strict conditions and specifications of First Climate (Switzerland) AG. Compliance with these is continuously monitored by First Climate (Switzerland).
For its part, KISTAG is certified to the ISO 14001 standard (environmental management) and undergoes regular recertification.

Where is EcoPack manufactured?
EcoPack is produced in the heart of Switzerland, in the Entlebuch Biosphere, by KISTAG's packaging specialists. Naturally from local wood and climate neutral.



Visit us at Empack 2022 or request more information.

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